Monthly Bills

Question 1:

Let us look at yet another hypothetical example: You know that your cousin is an alcoholic, who frequently drinks away the family funds at the bars. The spouse of this cousin asks for a loan of $1,500 to pay the monthly bills and put some food on the table. You know that this “loan” is actually giving the money away, as you have honored such requests in the past without ever having any of the money repaid. Should you provide the money, would you be acting as a sympathetic family member or an enabler? What factors would influence your answer, and who controls them? Where does normal caring end and “enabling” begin?

Question 2:

After reading the two articles (below) and reviewing the film “Drinking Behaviors & Attitude Among African

American College Students” (below). Describe your thoughts about the seriousness of the alcohol epidemic on college

campus. What do you believe would be the most effective intervention for the social connectiveness of drinking? What

types of student do you think are most at risk for developing alcohol problems on college campus?


Articles 1: Fuertes, J. N., & Hoffman, A. (2016). Alcohol consumption and abuse among college students:

Alarming rates among the best and the brightest. College Student Journal, 50(2), 236-240.

Article 2: Claros, E & Sharma, M (2012). The relationship between emotional intelligence and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco among college students. Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education. Vol. 56 (1), p8-37

Video: Drinking Behaviors & Attitudes Among AA College Students

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