Modern Language Association

Question 1

Write a 500 word personal narrative essay describing what you hope to gain from your college experience. You may include details about what you have learned and what you hope to learn in college that will help you to achieve your career goals.

Please note:The goal of narration is to tell a story. For this assignment, narrate your “story” of your college experience and what you hope will happen because of this experience once you have graduated.

However, this is a composition course, so please reference the Lectures section of the course for information on essay writing and essay formatting. All of the essays you write for this course should be formatted according to MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines. In addition to the resources provided in Lectures (Week One folder), the External Links section of the course contains recently updated information on MLA guidelines through the link titled, “MLA Formatting and Style Guide.” Please adhere to MLA guidelines whenever you are writing for this course.

Question 2

Prompt: Jim Clifton discovered through the Global Gallup poll that “having a good job is the great global ; it is the number one social value for everyone” Reflect on this statement by gathering your own criteria for what a “good job” for you might be? Can you describe someone you know who has high job/ career satisfaction? (This “person” doesn’t have to be anyone specifically, it can be a celebrity or just any person with a high paying job like a doctor or engineer or lawyer, just don’t mention Kim kardashion if you are gonna talk about a celebrity, the instructor said so.) What do you see as the main personal, social, and economic obstacle to attaining a good job ?

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