Middle Class

Outcome: In this Discussion Post, you are asked to read three materials and watch one video, which are listed below.  These materials are designed to have you think about inequalities and their consequences. You will have a series of questions to answer and you must respond to two peers.


I. Please read and watch the following:

The Seattle Times: What is the Middle Class in Seattle?:

NPR: The Forces Driving Middle Aged White Peoples Deaths of Despair:

Washington Post: Your Lifetime Earnings are Probably Determined in Your Twenties

Ted Talk: How Equal Do you Want the World to Be? You’d be surprised.


II. Answer the following questions:

1. What are the deaths of despair and why has the middle-class been affected by this?

2. What is the average income for a family of four in Seattle? After reading “What is the Middle Class in Seattle?,” has this reading affected how you think about your career choice?  What is the average salary for your career?

3. After reading “Your Lifetime Earnings…,” have you ever thought how your first 10 ten years of your career will shape your wealth in the future? Does this concern you? Explain your answers referencing the reading.

4. After listening to the Tedtalk, “How Equal Do You Want the World to Be,” what aspects of the video affected you the most and why?

5. Post should be 300 to 500 words

6. You must respond to two peers.

7. Responses should be 50 to 100 words.

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