Week 6 iHuman Mental Health Assessment: Amka Oxendine


  1. Read all directions on the NR305 Week 6 assignment directions page.
  2. Complete the Week 6 Mental Health Assessment: Amka Oxendine case in iHuman before completing this template.
  3. Submit the iHuman case for grading by iHuman. (You may submit 2 attempts before the deadline.)
  4. Do not delete any of the content/questions currently on this template.
  5. Answer each item below. Read the directions carefully in each question and answer them fully. Reminder: You can refer back to the iHuman case as needed to help you complete this template.
  6. Submit the completed template on the Week 6 assignment page.  (Your instructor will grade the Nurse Notes and provide feedback in the grading comments.)
  7. Please check for proper grammar and spelling prior to submission as this is part of the rubric.

Complete each item below:  

  1. Write an SBAR note (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations) to summarize Ms. Oxendine’s current health state for the report to the nurse receiving the patient on the inpatient unit. Hint: Be sure you provide enough detail to safely transfer Ms. Oxendine. Recommendations should relate to next steps in care. To develop your note, type the appropriate information after each letter below.

S –

B –

A –

R –

  • If Ms. Oxendine resided in your community, would appropriate services be available for her? List two specific community resources in your area that would benefit Ms. Oxendine. Provide the names and website addresses (URL).
  • In a one paragraph response, what findings in your iHuman assessment led you to select these two community resources for Ms. Oxendine? What services do they provide?
  • In a one paragraph response, do you feel there are adequate resources available for patients suffering from mental health concerns and/or addiction residing in your area? Why or why not? 

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