Media Analysis


View a movie (not a TV series) of your choice, which deals with human relationships. A film list was provided. The library has many good movies that you might consider checking out. If you have any doubt about your selection, please contact me. Do not use a series, animated films, or children’s films for your analysis. Analyze the film according to the following guidelines and example provided.
1. Briefly summarize the plot of the film. Just give me an idea of what it is about; don’t tell me the entire story, scene by scene. Summarize in your own words. Do not take information or cut and paste this section from a movie review web site or the back of the movie or book. That would be plagiarism, which would result in a zero on this assignment and other possible discipline as stated in Student Handbook. This section should be less than 1 page long. (13 points)
2. Give a brief character description of the two or three most important characters in the film and tell how they fit into the story and relate to other characters. Be descriptive and include: physical traits, age, gender, relationship to other characters, character traits, attitude and personality. (14 points)
3. Identify one communication problem that occur between the characters in the film include A, B & C in your response: (36 points)
A. Describe the problem and point out the applicable concept that contributes to the problem. Use one concept, that creates a problem between the character. Be specific on what the problem is: “the communication problem is…” See the example provided on the following pages. (4)pts
Listening- barriers, habits, or types
Conflict approaches
Nonverbal communication
Language- sexism, racism, vagueness, responsibility
Emotions – irrational thinking, fallacies or debilitative emotions
B. Give specific examples from the film that illustrates the problem you have selected to support your claim. Very Important: Include textbook support in your analysis with in-text citation. Your examples and citations should illustrate your understanding of the communication concepts (20 pts).
C. Describe how communication was used to solve or escalate the problem that you identified. In other words, how did the characters choose to deal with the problem and what was the result? (12 pts)
4. Explain what you learned from analyzing the communication problems in this film include A&B in your response: (20 points)
A. Explain how the communication problem in the film that you identified above, are similar to problems you have faced in your own life. (11 pts).
B. Having identified with, and becoming more aware of weaknesses in your own communication skills, explain what you can do, specifically, to improve these skills. (10 pts)
5. Submit paper on or before due date to Canvas Assignment submission; make sure to click on the Turnitin link at the bottom of the assignment for the plagiarism check. If you have trouble with the link below, go to and look for this class course number and you can access it there. This paper must get checked through this plagiarism checker. All papers not checked will earn a “0”. Format(16 points)
This paper must MLA format: typed, double spaced with 1” margin, Times New Roman 12 pt font. Cover page not required. Include Name, Class, Media Analysis Assignment and Movie Title (2 pts).
This paper must be at least four and no more than six pages long ( 2pts).
Include in-text citation & Works Cited page (this does not count in page count) (2 pts).
This paper must be intelligible. Be sure to proofread it and use spell check on your computer. Point will be taken off for grammatical and/or spelling errors (8 pts).
Use the 4 headings to format your paper: Summary, Character Description, Communication Problems, and Lessons Learned (2 pts).

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