Matching System

Question 1

In reality, a large amount of youths such as university students are intended to find roommates, in order to share an apartment or a house. However, due to personal difference, youths prefer to find a perfect roommate who has a lot of common interests with them. If their habits are different but they live together, they may have contradictions, and even fights. To solve this problem, the rental portal plans to implement a smart matching system where a participant can find a perfect roommate.

Meanwhile, the introduced system can bring profits to the portal. Based on the assumption that the portal did not provide the source code of the platform, this project is proposed to design a roommate matching system as well as successfully implement it into a minimal web platform. The project discussed all the possible techniques that can be used to serve this purpose.

The final test shows a user can find a perfect roommate through the implemented matching system. The further study is suggested to extend the one-to-one matching system to triple roommate matching system.


Question 2

Coal power is the best option for Australia, as current ‘green’ energy options (solar, wind) are unable to support our power needs, now and into the future. Argue for or against this statement with specific reference to at least one green energy alternative.

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