Marginal Benefit

Question 1

Topic: Explain your opportunity cost of taking this course at WCJC. Analyze your marginal benefit and costs of recent decisions that you have had to make. How did economics influence your decision?.

Question 2

How does an understanding of Activity Based Costing impact the sale price of a product? Would you target a fix cost (real estate for example) or a variable cost (cost of materials that could be discounted if purchased in bulk) to reduce expenses and why?

Your assignment should be at least two pages and use at least one source. Any citations must use APA format.

Question 3

3 to 4 pages 2 references

As the manager of the CTU Health Care information systems department, the chief information officer (CIO) has asked you to complete the following:

  • Analyze the implications and challenges of cost, quality, and external forces on electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) selection and implementation within your department.
  • Conduct research on 1 major external threat facing the EHR today.

Question 4

Compare and Contrast Costing Systems

In the readings, we learned about a number of options for costing systems. Either explain the option your organization uses, or if not available, a company in the Middle East and its costing systems. In a 2-4 page paper, compare and contrast these costing systems and identify the advantages and disadvantages of these systems.


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