Management of Health Information

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Your initial response to the prompt should be a minimum of 175 words

Meaningful use is the set of standards defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Programs that governs the use of electronic health records and allows eligible providers and hospitals to earn incentive payments by meeting specific criteria.

The goal of meaningful use is to promote the spread of electronic health records to improve health care in the United States.

  • Visit the CMS website provided in the Reading this week to learn more about Incentive Program for Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation. Source :Promoting Interoperability: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Retrieved from
  • Do you think that the Incentive Program is beneficial? If so, what are the benefits and the pros of the program?
  • If you do not think that it is beneficial, what are the negative aspects of the Incentive Program and the cons? Also suggest what improvements you would make to the program.
  • HI300: Information Technology and Systems for Health Care
  • Find two healthcare information systems described or demonstrated on the internet. Briefly illustrate each system. Make a list of the features the systems have in common. What are the features that differ? For which types of facilities are the systems designed? Would these internet sites be helpful to an organization investigating implementing a clinical information system? Why or why not? Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the discussion by making frequent informed references to lesson material. Initial discussion responses should be around 100 words .Make two or more responses to classmates that are thoughtful and that advance the discussion.

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