Management Issues

This assignment word

This assignment requires you to answer the two questions set out below.

You have recently been appointed as the Director of the Human Resources Department within the UK head office of a well-known global financial company. You have been asked to prepare a report for the Head Manager on the following issues aimed at managing employees in order to sustain and maintain organisational effectiveness:

  1. Present an analysis of the key internal and external factors that may affect effective management and leadership of employees for a sustained organisational success (1000 words).
  2. Explore and discuss the various leadership/theories and models and how these can be effectively applied in order to attain organisational effectiveness (1000)

This assignment is designed to assess two of the Module’s Learning Outcomes:
LO1. Recognize and assess factors which impact an organization’s internal environment.
LO2. Evaluate the application of management and leadership theories.
LO3. Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviors to be effective in a management and leadership role, showing how effective use this 1 and 2 by management and leaders can help grow the business as a whole
The word count is 2000

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