Management Finance and Control

Critique Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) concepts, why is WACC an important tool in the evaluation of capital expenditure programs, financial structuring strategies, capital projects, equity recapitalization, dividend determination, financing working capital expansions, and evaluate WACC methods comparing other financial analysis applications used with WACC. Critique Internal Rate of Return and compare to Return on Assets, Investment, Capital, and defend best practice in assessing overall financial performance. Recommend method(s) to justify additional debt critiquing advantages and disadvantages of debt versus equity with special considerations for various debt instruments and alternative equity financing. Predict new trends in finance as applied to cost of rating drops, refinanced liabilities, restructured long term notes, working capital draws, and other new financing methods becoming more important in today’s economic environment. Assess the value of warrants, options, hedge instruments, and the methods of pricing a new equity issue describing what key factors are requisite to launch a successful new stock.

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