Maintenance Issues

Your management company is taking over an independent hotel. All the hourly employees from the former company have been offered a job, but the entire management staff is being replaced by colleagues from your company. Your team represents the Executive Committee.

Assumptions – 350 room hotel, 10,000 square feet of banquet space, basic BLD restaurant with continental cuisine, room service, pool, workout room, gift shop and business center. The hotel is near a convention center, corporate offices and a new entertainment district. There is high demand from business travelers on weekdays, but weekends bring more leisure travelers. This market also attracts international tours (specifically from Japan), but this hotel has not captured much of this market yet.

Answer the questions below in a research report written format (double-spaced). You may change the order to fit your needs. You mustinterview an industry professional from the Department Head level or higher (excluding HRC faculty and students) and use a combination of at least 5 other credible resources: textbooks, articles, internet research, another industry interview (excluding HRC faculty and students) and others to help shape your group’s opinion and justification.

1) What sales and marketing strategies might be used to attract group sales and banquet functions? How might you gain some of the international tour business? (at least 1page)

2) Describe any changes to the menu, restaurant décor, outsourcing F$B and banquet functions in order to increase F&B sales. (at least 2 pages)

3) With security and maintenance issues currently plaguing this 20-year old property, what special considerations might you take in ensuring that guests, staff and visitors are kept safe and enjoy a “working” hotel. How will you train all staff members to help in this area? (at least 1 page)


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