Research paper should be between 3 and 4 pages. Double space
Submission deadline is last day of class.

No Footnotes but a Bibliography is required. i.e. where you received information from – possible sources include: online sources, newspapers, magazines, books, research papers etc. etc.

(For Example)
Aharoni,Y. 1966. The Foreign Investment Decision Process. Harvard University Press, Boston.
John, Doe. 2010. Trade With China. New York Times. January 21, P.7.

Research methods: research paper basically mean that students are conducting research again (re: means again). But what is important in your
Search are the methods employed, the data and your personal conclusion which is yours and should be unique.

1. Introduction – state the problem
2. Body research – problem, data, information
3. Cite other authors – point view, methods research
4. Conclusion – your perspective – based on research

Possible topics:
1. Stock market -current
2. Stock Market Crash 1929
3. US international trade – import or export
4. Globalization Issues
5. mortgage crisis 2007
6. Government Bailout
7. Obamanomics (Obama economics)
8. Trumpnomics (Trump economics)
9. Current Great Recession (2007-2008)
10. banking crisis
11. problems with default mortgages
12. Economic Growth
13. causes of financial crisis
14. unemployment rate
15. inflation
16. Federal Reserve System (FED)
17. Monetary policy
18. Fiscal Policy
19. Outsourcing
20. oil prices – elasticity
21. oil crisis
22. EURO
23. Euro/Dollar exchange rate
24. European Union Crisis – Greece
25. China economy
26. Chinese Exports
27. India economy
28. China-India: differences or similarities
29. Imports or exports from China
30. US Exports or imports world
31. Foreign Direct Investment in US
32. US Foreign Direct Investment
33. US Multinationals
34. Perfect Competition
35. Monopolistic Competition
36. Monopoly
37. Oligopolies
38. GDP- Gross Domestic Product
39. Developing Counties Economies
40. Developed and Developing Economies
41. Latin America Economies – different countries
42. Caribbean Economies – different countries
43. Asian Economies
44. Japan Economy
45. Economies Different Countries In The World
46. Africa Economy
47. Africa- Different Cou

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