Level of Stress and Gender on Caffeine Consumption

A researcher is interested in determining whether level of stress and gender have an impact on caffeine consumption. They examine participants’ level of stress and group them into three groups: (1) low stress, (2) moderate stress and (3) high stress. They then examine the average number of cups of coffee per day participants’ consume over a week and note the participant’s gender. The dataset for this study has been emailed to you.

  1. Perform the appropriate statistical procedure to determine if there is a difference in the amount of caffeine consumed based on level of stress and gender. Include a copy of your SPSS output with this homework. 
  • What type of statistical test did you use to analyze the data from this study? Why is this test appropriate given the data collected?
  • Report the data for the main effects and interactions as you would in a research article. Then explain what each main effect and the interaction means.

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