Legalization Of Cannabis In Us

What, if any, long-term response should US firms do regarding the legalization of cannabis. All aspects of the organization are up for inclusion.

CLASS TOPIC: These are topics that directly relate to Strategy but are ‘real world’ issues. You must logically, critically support your stance (must have academic cites, trade journals, or primary for data). Reference material from the course that either conforms or possible disagrees with your stance (you are more than welcome to academically counter course material). For this topic, you can pick your stance. Additionally, you are an ‘agent’ of the organization, so these are not your personal views, but what is in the best interest of the organization.

The quality (not quantity) of your contributions and insights. Quality comments possess one or more of the following properties:

• Offer a unique and relevant perspective
• Contribute to moving the discussion and analysis forward
• Build on others’ comments
• Transcend the “I feel” syndrome; include evidence, demonstrate recognition of basic concepts, and integrate these with reflective thinking

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