Lebanon taking in over a million Syrian

Topic: The paper should explore a topic on immigration politics that we have either not discussed in class or a topic discussed but not in the way or the depth you pursue in the paper.

Thesis: Your paper must have a strong thesis. You must prove something. Here are two examples meant only to illustrate thesis building.

1. Some praise French policies for integrating immigrants and strengthening national unity based on a secular national identity. An examination of the nation’s integrationist policies, however, illustrates how the policies have actually increased distrust, tensions, and separatism between peoples from different backgrounds, which has led to strong electoral showings for the restrictionist National Front party since 2012.

2. While some like economist George J. Borjas argue that the recent influx of immigrants has been bad for the U.S. economy, in reality, post 1990 immigration has spurred economic growth in numerous ways. An analysis of the intersection of immigration and the economy will show that immigrants have revitalized dying small towns in the Midwest, have helped to keep government social programs solvent, and have assisted the U.S. in taking a leading role in the globalized economy.

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