Leadership Means

Question 1

Assignment criteria 1,200 words plus or minus 10% – 20% of total marks. All references in Bibliography.

Q1.  Describe what the word Leadership means.      (2.5 marks)

Q2.  Explain how Leadership differs from Management.     (2.5 marks)

Q3.  Do research on various Leadership Styles/Theories and do a detailed comparison between two different Theorist’s Leadership styles.      (4 marks)

Q4.  Explain how these theories are different.      (1 mark)

Q5.  Explain how you would diagnose what development level a team member is at using Hersey & Blanchard’s model.      (2.5 marks)

Q6.  How would this help in knowing which Hersey & Blanchard style to use.      (2.5 marks)

Q7.  Give two recommendations on what you will do differently going forward to help you develop you own leadership style.      (4 marks)

Q8.  What benefits will this mean for your team or organization.      (1 mark)

Question 2

Below is a language sample from Sarah, aged 2 years and 7 months. You are required to analyse the language sample using BLADES. The parents utterances (which are shaded) have been included to help with context however, you are NOT required to analyse these.

After analyzing the utterances, write a two page (single-spaced) or four-page (double-spaced) summary of the child’s language skills considering:

  •  The child’s language development in terms of pragmatics, syntax and semantics.
  •  The child’s language development with reference to a theoretical model

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