Key Success Factors

Assessment Task 1: Project Charter

Assessment details-

You are to develop a Project Charter (long version), identifying a need for change within your business, and develop the components required to “sell” the project, including any resources to deliver the proposed change, to senior management in your business.

Assessment Task 2: Group Project Management Plan

Assessment details-

In a team consisting of 3-4 members, select a project charter from assessment task 1, and prepare a Project Management Plan. If the group cannot agree on a suitable project, please contact the lecturer as soon as possible.

Assessment Task 3

Using a company of your choice, answer the questions below.

1. Analyse the company’s capabilities and how these relate to the key success factors in the market in which they compete

2. Using stakeholder theory, identify the major stakeholders in the business. Critically assess whether the company is focusing on the right stakeholders

3. Use a suitable theoretical framework to assess the company’s culture

4. On the basis of your analysis, recommend a strategy for future development of the company you have chosen.

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