Investment Plan

Propose a sustainability investment plan to improve the performance of your work group or organization or an organization you hope to work for. The investment can be made in human resources, in expansion of tangible or intangible assets toward new uses, or in capital equipment or new technology.

Analyze how the investment plan achieves the following:

Contributes to the mission of the company
Expands rewards for all major components of the value chain, which should include the company, employees, suppliers, and customers
Generates wealth or value and is sustainable over time
Evaluates and anticipates risks associated with the investment
Organize your work to create a 2 page professional memo in a Microsoft Word document outlining your investment plan to the director and a 7-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation script with complete end notes explaining your recommendations to employees in your work group. Follow APA standards for citation of sources.


Question 2

Write a paper on Nike’s critical issue and ideas on how to fix it
Ex: they are losing market share to Adidas
Brick and mortar stores selling their stuff are not doing well bc e-commerce

Nike needs to expand globally, too reliant on US market

Communicate to shareholders why the solutions are good

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