Interview Analysis


For this assignment, you are required to summarize the results of your executive interview. Articulate your interviewee’s responses to each of the questions and follow-up questions you presented at your executive interview. In your analysis, specifically address the following:

  • Factors that influence the projection of new capital needs within the organization. Examples include operating performance, obsolescence, regulatory compliance, local market dynamics, new and emerging technologies, provider acquisition and retention, et cetera. What methods or tools are used to capture relevant information and to whom is this information presented? What is the time frame involved for the development cycle from start to finish?
  • How does the organization formulate an operating budget each year? How does the process tie into a longer-term strategic and capital asset management plan? How are these plans developed and approved? How are major capital investment projects evaluated?
  • Assess the importance of financial information systems, databases, Web-based tools, staff and clinician information systems, and Web-based patient access systems in developing facilities and general capital asset needs. How are competing priorities weighed, evaluated, and selected?

Demonstrate academic writing skills by communicating in a clear, logical, and grammatically correct manner. All sources must be cited using proper APA standards.

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