Intersectional Analysis

Your paper should be 3 FULL pages in length, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Please include a single-spaced header with your name, course number, name of professor, and the assignment. Page numbers are optional and if used should be inserted into your paper via the page numbering feature. Save your paper to Microsoft Word as Last Name, First Initial-Midterm Paper. (ie. Doe, J-Midterm Paper).

A separate 4th and (final) page of your paper should contain your Works Cited page with 3 sources documented, one from the course readings and two from outside scholarly sources. If you are not sure the sources you picked our scholarly sources, please contact me in advance and we can have a discussion on what counts as acceptable resources for your midterm paper.

Wikipedia is not appropriate for this paper and is not considered a legitimate citation source in many scholarly arenas.

When writing your paper, write in the present tense. Include a clear thesis statement within the first couple of paragraphs. The rest of your paper following the thesis statement will cite examples in support of your claims. Please follow the MLA citation format.

Your paper should not be based on opinion alone. It should provide a comprehensive analysis of the topic you are discussing, and it should make reference to the scholarly resources you use.

The paper topic is:

Re-watch your favorite film and analyze the gender, race, class, and sexuality messages it (often unknowingly) conveyed to you. Discuss the following in your intersectional analysis:

  • What does the film suggest to women (and men) about “appropriate” romance, patriarchal control, and the value of a person based on their appearance and wealth?
  • How visible are people of color in the film? Are they primarily playing supporting characters? Are there any apparent stereotypes about race or ethnicity?
  • What do you think the cumulative impact was/is of the messages contained in your favorite films? How do they shape your behaviors and expectations of others as well as of yourself?

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