Interpretative Phenomenal Analysis (IPA) Paper

The IPA approach is the eudaimonic approach to positive psychology, focusing on well-being as a function of fulfilling one’s potential, one’s “true nature,” and finding one’s “true self.”

Thus, this paper will require you to put positive psychology into action by focusing on cultivating personal growth. You are asked to practice relating yourself and the world around you to your personal happiness by taking an interpretative phenomenological approach using yourself as a participant, engaging your personal thoughts and experiences related to your Jungian Type Test results.  The paper must include these distinct sections:  For Part 1,  (a): Personal Strengths, b) Additional Strengths, and (c) Acceptance and Flow.  For Part II, Self- Recognition: sections (a) Self-Understanding and (b) Positive Incorporation.

Part I

Address the professor’s description of your four-letter type dynamics from our week 1 discussion and imagine how you might use your understanding of yourself in terms of your dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions to increase your personal happiness in the future.

a) Describe how focusing on, developing, and expanding your strongest of those traits could lead to more positive self-esteem, feeling more in control, having a better social life, or having a better sense of meaning and purpose to life?

b) Describe how your less conscious third and fourth functions could also be addressed and used to help you experience more fulfillment as well.

c) Might a greater acceptance and engagement of any one of these functions of yours help you balance the challenge of certain activities and increase your skill level, resulting in your experience of flow more often?

Part II

Integrity demands that positive psychology also should not deny, but actually encourage you to understand and accept your 5th through 8th more hidden functions described by John Beebe. As you know from reading that article therapeutic work with clients indicates that serious suppression of those parts of a person can lead to opposition to certain other people, to being strange and not nice at times, deception, and even wildness and cruelty.

a) Describe how recognizing one of those hidden traits in yourself may provide you with a more understanding and positive experience of others. Please choose a particular one of those functions that is normally not an especially conscious part of your four-letter personality type. That is, choose one of your personal 5 through 8 functions of your personality type. Describe how it may cause you to react to certain people who are a different type from you. Also describe how enabling yourself to understand that could lead to your developing a better and less stressful personal relationship with them.

b) Finally, choose one of your 5 through 8 functions and imagine how you might try to accept and incorporate it into your conscious life in a positive way that would allow you to be even more effective and would increase your self-esteem as well.

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