Interpretation of Human Rights

You will construct arguments on the following questions and share your arguments in a post on the Discussion Board:

  1. Under the United Nations 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: read the France reservation (point 8), Statement 4 of Qatar and the USA reservations. For each of them, evaluate whether they comply with the aim and objective of the ICCPR.
  2. Does international law provide satisfactory solutions to state reservations to human rights treaties such as the ICCPR?

The reservations to the ICCPR can be found on the UN Treaty Collection website

Having read both decisions, compare the Leyla Şahin v. Turkey judgement of the European Court of Human Rights with the UN Human Rights Committee views in Singh v France :

  1. What does the difference of opinion tell you about the role of lawyers/judges regarding the interpretation of human rights norms?
  2. Which interpretation do you find the most convincing and why? Should there be a uniform interpretation of human rights internationally?

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