International Entrepreneurship: International Market Entry Strategy

Module Assessment Description

All assessments will be marked using your student number, following the Anonymous Marking Policy. This will ensure that even if the work can be recognised by the initial marker, the anonymity of the student is preserved during second marking/internal moderation and external validation.

CW 1:  40% Weighting –

  • By selecting and applying a variety of models, frameworks and/or theories, you must develop an international market entry strategy for given organisation “Luminary Bakery” ( ) which identifies two overseas target markets: one inside the EU and one outside the EU.
  • You must determine and justify which target markets would be the best to enter, but these could be on a sub-national (eg city/state), national and/or regional basis.
  • You will need to produce a 10-minute video  which explains your reasoning and solution, and justifies your decisions.
  • Work individually or in pairs or in groups of maximum 3.
  • Each group member will get the same mark for CW1.
  • Harvard referencing to be used throughout the video, as appropriate.

The process you will need to follow:

  1. Research products/services (eg features/benefits, competitors etc)
  2. Research appropriate markets (eg size, growth, customers etc)
  3. Research countries/regions (eg finance, culture, ease etc)
  4. Critically synthesize, analyse and evaluate your information
  5. Decide on and justify two target markets to enter:

       – one inside EU and one outside EU

  • Explain what market entry strategies you would use, why these are appropriate and how you would apply them
  • Demonstrate what marketing mix you would use and how you would implement these, inc any necessary product/service changes
  • Explain your reasoning & justify all decisions 
  • Submit via portal set up in Course Resources (details to follow)
  • Note that because CW1 is a video, it will not be anonymously marked. However, feedback will be provided on the marking rubric and this will only use student numbers to ensure anonymity to internal moderator and external examiner. Feedback will be provided within 15 working days of assessment hand in.

CW 2:  60% Weighting –

Part 1 Select and critically evaluate one model, framework or theory which you have used in CW1 (excluding either PEST or SWOT).

This section will be 1,000 words +/- 10%, and is worth 30% of the weighting.

Part 2 Reflect on the following question:

How has your learning from the formative exercise you have undertaken and the subsequent feedback you received helped you to improve your final CW1 submission, and in the future?

Critically evaluate these models, frameworks and/or theories and demonstrate your learning through reflection.

This section will be 1,000 words +/- 10%, and is worth 30% of the weighting.

  • Work individually.
  • Overall, you will need to produce a 2,000 word report (+/- 10% words) which contains both your critical evaluation and your reflections.
  • A standard template will be provided for you to use for this report.
  • Harvard referencing to be used throughout the report, as appropriate.
  • Submit via TurnitIn e-submission portal.
  • Note that CW2 will be marked anonymously. Feedback will be provided through TurnitIn. Feedback will be provided within 15 working days of assessment hand in.

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