International Commercial Litigation


‘The relationship between national courts and arbitral tribunals swings between forced cohabitation and true partnership. Arbitration is dependent on the underlying support of the courts, which alone have the power to rescue the system when only one party seeks to sabotage it.’ (N. Blackaby et al., Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration, OUP 2015, p. 415)

Critically evaluate whether national courts’ involvement helps or hinders international commercial arbitration supporting your answer with the relevant international instruments and case law.

The Coursework is 2400 words in length, exclusive of references. Referencing must be done in the OSCOLA style.
Please see the Module Handbook for guidance on the Coursework, some relevant excerpts of which follow:
The Coursework must be typed on white, A4 paper, in 12 point font and submitted in a Word document.
Please number your pages.
A bibliography should be included at the end.
Please note that work which is not properly referenced will not achieve a good grade.
You must fully attribute any judicial quotations or passages taken from articles or textbooks. Failure to do so may result in your work being referred to the Academic Registry for plagiarism.
The Coursework must be submitted electronically on Turnitin via the module site on MyUnihub, where it will be checked for possible plagiarism, collusion and word counts.
You may submit the Coursework as many times as you like prior to the deadline. Each time you will receive an Originality Report giving you the opportunity to address plagiarism/poor referencing, etc. issues up until the deadline date. Students will be required to submit a final copy by the deadline date.
You must take care to upload your final answer by the deadline as once the deadline is passed you will not be able to submit another version.
Please remember to state your word count excluding the title, question, footnotes and bibliography.
The work must be submitted without the title and without setting out the question in order for the word count to be checked.
Word count must be recorded.
The word count excludes the bibliography and footnotes.
Footnotes must contain citations only and not text.
Coursework, which fails to state the word count or states the word count incorrectly will be penalized by the deduction of 2% from the total marks.
Coursework, which exceeds the word limit will be penalized by the deduction from the total marks of 1% for every 2% that the word limit is exceeded.

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