International Business Environment

The country report will consist of 2 parts. Minimum 10 pages. Maximum 15 pages.

  1.  International Trade (33 % of paper)
  2. Balance of payments (last 5 years) – analyses and implications
  3. trading relationships (membership in trading blocs)
  4. top exports and imports (by destination and industry/products)
  5. foreign direct investments (inflows, outflows and stock)
  6. tariff policies and average tariff
  7. non-tariff barriers
  • Select one of the top industries in the country of choice (66 % of paper)

            Brief history and milestones.

Industry size (value in $, volume, number of employees), structure, number of segments.

            Use Porter’s Diamond to investigate its international competitiveness.

  • Demand Conditions
  • Related and Supporting Industries
  • Factor Conditions
  • Strategy, structure and rivalry in that industry (identify major competitors in the industry and what are their individual strategies)
  • Government Policies

C) Conclusions

Please do not forget to put a list of references inalphabetical order at the end of the report. Students should insert references in the body of the paper wherever appropriate.

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