International Business


Identify business events in the following area: Sub-Saharan Africa.

You will identify events occurring in this region. These events could be national or regional policy changes; changes in company structure, strategy/ direction; or other events with global business implications. Your submission should indicate how this event affects international business. You will submit a 500-600 word report on the region mentioned above.

The following is a suggested approach: 1. Summarize the content of the article(s) by identifying who, what, when, where, and how the event occurs. 2. Indicate the major takeaway from the event in terms of how the event impacts international business. 3. Explain how the event applies/relates to material covered in this or other classes. 4. What is the relevance of this event to you, and/or the rest of the world.

Resources which might be helpful Map Website: Key business news resources could include: The Wall Street Journal Business Week Financial Times Fortune

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