Integrative Report

Answer all of the questions for both items 1 and 2:
1. Cognitive dissonance can linger after high involvement purchasing decisions. Research has shown that some consumers are more likely to read ads for a product they already have purchased than ads for competing brands. With this in mind, imagine that you have been hired by the luxury watchmaker Breitling to design an ad campaign specifically intended to ease potential cognitive dissonance. What steps could the company make to reach out to consumers after the purchase? What advertising messages and imagery could be most effective in reinforcing the consumer’s decision to purchase the watch?

2. Write a situation analysis that could be included in an IMC plan for a brand of candy bar (candy packet) that you select. The analysis should identify key factors that you consider most relevant and a brief assessment of each such as the historical context, product analysis, industry analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis and company analysis. (Hint: Review Chapter 8) Note: Since your term project includes a situation analysis, I suggest you use this activity to start your work on the term project. Select a brand for the term project and also use it for the answer you provide for this question. The term project has a reference which you will find useful as you do research for your analysis.

Format: Word document; no more than 8 pages, 12 point type, 1 inch margins, double spaced

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