Integrative Operations Analysis

The main assignment for this module is application-based and attempts to be as relevant as possible to the needs of students. To this end you may select the operation to be studied and the focus of the assignment project. The assignment is to process map, and critically analyse and evaluate an operation using material from the module.

Select a process, operation or activity (not an industry or an institution) and the challenges they face.

Include tools, theory, concepts and techniques that could be used to address these challenges and problems, and how might you apply them?

Tools : Planning & Control, Push VS Pull Scheduling, Quality Management & Lean and Operations Improvement Tools.

Your analysis should be based on data gathered from observation, public domain information, survey work, interviews, discussions with customers/managers and from any secondary sources that might be available. Please do not include lots of raw data in the main body of the report. If you feel the need to include lots of data, put it in an appendix. You should explain your methodology for data collection and analysis clearly in the body of the report. Note. Many students get hung up on the word “data,” assuming that it refers to the information derived from quantitative survey work. This is not the case. Data is pretty much anything you can get your hands on that informs you about the subject of your analysis.

The core of the assignment is to analyse this data using one or two tools, concepts or techniques provided on this module. (Keen students will actually go beyond the module content and carry out further reading into the topic areas of interest. Evidence of this additional research will be rewarded.) The analysis of the data should be provided in the body of the report.

As a result of the analysis what can you say about the operation and the tool/concept/ technique? What recommendations would you make about how to improve the operation and the tool/ concept/technique? How robust/valid are your recommendations?

IMPORTANT : Create a process map of your operation. You do not not need to use, in fact you are discouraged from using process mapping software. Presentation software such as powerpoint or keynote is perfectly adequate. Your process map must be contained within a single side of A4 – landscape formatted.

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