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You will need to summarise the key issues in the assessment topic, in your own words, and critically comment on the theoretical aspects of the topic.


Cathay Dragon, an affiliate member of the global airline alliance “one world”, is a Hong Kong-based international airline, and is a member of the Cathay Pacific Group. The airline was established in 1985 and now operates a fleet of 18 A330-300, eight A321 and 15 A320 aircraft. The airline’s network covers 52 destinations which are located across the Asia- Pacific region, including 23 in Mainland China. Cathay Dragon operates about 400 flights a week to Mainland China, offering quality services to passengers around the region (Cathay Dragon 2015).

Cathay Dragon has also been recognised by its customers and industry peers and has received a range of awards that reflect its position as a leading airline brand. For example, Cathay Dragon’s expertise has been recognised in its winning the Best Airline – China category for six consecutive years in the highly respected Skytrax passenger survey. The airline was also voted Best Regional Airline Asia in the Skytrax survey in 2011 and 2013, as well as World’s Best Regional Airline in 2010, 2011 and 2013, respectively (Cathay Dragon 2015).



The objectives of this assignment are that you will be able to:

  •  Conduct an analysis of Cathay Dragon’s passenger marketing using the “4Ps” framework.
  •  Analyse and describe Cathay Dragon’s route network in terms of markets served (short haul, medium haul and long-haul).
  •  Conduct an analysis of Cathay Dragon’s hub-and-spoke operations at its hub at Hong Kong International Airport.
  •  Analyse and report on Cathay Dragon’s Airlines frequent flyer program.

Task Scope

•  Explain the purpose and objectives of full service airlines passenger marketing strategies.

•  Analyse and discuss Cathay Dragon ‘short-haul, medium haul and long-haul networks in terms of total marketsserved, geographical location, and the fleet deployment on these passenger route segments.

•  Analyse and discuss Cathay Dragon’s hub-and-spoke operations at its primary hub located at Hong Kong International Airport: number of “banks” of flights operated per day, minimum passenger connecting times, and location of the airlines first and business class lounges at the airport.

•  Analyse and discuss Cathay Dragon’s frequent flyer program (for example, membership tiers, member benefits, mileage accrual and redemption, associated partners.

Assessment Criteria

To provide a comprehensive answer to the assessment brief, you will need to achieve the following, as a minimum.

  •  Display a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
  •  Report on Cathay Dragon’s hub-and-spoke airport operations, marketing strategies, including its frequent flyer program, and route network and their impact on the airline’s ability to serve their passengers travel requirements.
  •  Demonstrate a wide review of the literature and include practical examples to support your answer to the question.
  •  Demonstrate a critical analysis of the literature and research (a minimum of 3 text books, 3 journal articles and 5 articles from authoritative industry magazines, such as Air Transport World, Airline Business or Flight Internationalare required).
  •  Present information in a logical, systematic and integrated manner.

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