Information Technology Self-Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to help you to assess your information technology skills and to develop short-term goals.

Rate yourself on how successfully you can complete the following skills:

1.  I have never done this before

2.  I could do this with help

3.  I can do this alone, but might make some mistakes

4.  I can do this alone with confidence

5.  I can teach others to do this skill

 Never DoneWith HelpAloneConfidentCan Teach Others
Word Processing, i.e. Microsoft Word     
I can cut and paste text within a document12345
I can change font size, style, and color12345
I can create bulleted or numbered lists12345
I can create a table and adjust columns and rows12345
I can create a hyperlink12345
Spreadsheets, i.e. Microsoft Excel     
I can create a new table (spreadsheet)12345
I can use math functions (e.g. sum, mean, percent)12345
I can create a graph and adjust the properties12345
PowerPoint Presentations     
I can create handouts from the presentation12345
I can change font size, style, and color12345
I can insert a picture or ClipArt12345
I can create graphics with the drawing tool12345
I can animate graphics on one slide12345
I can insert an audio file and have it play12345
I can insert a video file and have it play12345
I can create a hyperlink that works12345
I can narrate a PowerPoint presentation12345
I can use PowerPoint alternatives (e.g.,Prezi)     
I can open and print an email attachment12345
I can describe principles of good email etiquette12345
I can use the Calendar function to assist in time management12345
I can file pertinent emails within Outlook or another place on own computer12345
Web 2.0 Tools     
I can create or contribute to a wiki12345
I can use a blog12345
I can create a blog12345
I can use a social network site (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest, Delicious)12345
I can use a professional social networking site (MedScape, Sermo, Pediatric Commons)12345
I know how to edit my privacy settings on social networking sites.12345
I can join and manage groups on social networking site12345
I can subscribe to an RSS feed12345
 Never DoneWith HelpAloneConfidentCan Teach Others
File Management and Archiving     
I can save a file from any software program and be able to locate that file again12345
I can search and find a “missing” file on my desktop12345
I can create new folders on my desktop12345
I can use online file-sharing (e.g. Google-Docs, DropBox)  1  2  3  4  5
I can install new software programs onto my computer12345
Media Files     
I can create a podcast12345
I can create and edit an audio recording12345
I can create and edit a video recording12345
I can upload a video to the web through YouTube12345
I can download a video from YouTube12345
I can edit a digital photo, including cropping and resizing12345
I can insert media files (e.g. audio file, image, video, podcast) to  a website12345
I can convert an audio or video file from one format to another12345
I can use a scanner to create a digital image12345
I can use a webcam12345
Online Services     
I can use an online survey tool to collect my own data  (e.g. Survey Monkey, Zoomerang)12345
Databases  (e.g. SQL, Oracle)     
I can organize my data for entry importing into a database12345
I can create, manipulate and use a database to develop usable results.12345
Mobile Devices (e.g. phone, tablet)     
I can text12345
I can use email on a mobile device12345
I can surf the web on a mobie device12345
I can download apps12345


 A New Skill For MeNecessary Steps For Reaching My GoalTarget Date

Describe your experience and comfort level with the use of technology.

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