Information and Knowledge

The question given below requires you to do a proper research with respect to all the knowledge and information.

According to Parahoo (2006) research is one way of generating knowledge to guide nursing practice.
With reference to the above statement, please discuss the role of research in informing nursing practice.

Guidelines (Part 3)

  •  This is an individual piece of academic work; support your answer to the question with reference to good quality sources as discussed in class.
  •  You are required to cite:
  •  4 scholarly journal articles
  •  2 key text book sources.
  •  The rubric for NS110 will be used to grade your work.
  •  Appointments for individual face-to- face feedback will be available through Loop Schedular following publication of results.
  •  From Week 10 you can upload DRAFTS of this assignment onto Loop. The text- matching report from Urkund can be used to guide edits to your assignment.
  •   A final submission is to be uploaded via Loop by 5.30 pm on Jan 4 th 2018.
  •   Please submit one hardcopy of final assignment to nursing reception as per assignment submission guidelines.
  •   Individual feedback will be available.
  •   Word count: 750 words
  •   Assignments must be typed in Times Roman Numeral/ Arial font size 12 AND double spaced as per assignment submission guidelines.
  •  Please remember to put your name and student number on each page and number the pages.

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