Inequality and Institutions

  1. After reading the chapter on race and ethnicity, discuss how race is more of a social construct than biological. Next, visit the PBS site on race and review several of the activities on the site OR view the video A Girl Like Me (under “Lived Experience”). Next, share a reflection on the activities or video, addressing race in the U.S. and relating it to topics in the chapter (such as prejudice, privilege, racism, etc.).
  2. What are the distinctions in sociology between the terms sex and gender? What importance does the differentiation between the terms have in modern society? Also discuss gender stratification and provide examples of gender stratification from the U.S. or other societies. Find a recent news piece (within the last 3 months) related to gender or provide an example of how gender is portrayed in the media (such as advertisements shown on Share a link to your selected source or image and describe the connection to the course topics this week (such as sexism or gender roles).
  3. Select a current event related to the readings from Weeks 5 or 6 in the course (choose a report such as an article, news video, etc. on an event within the last 3 months). Briefly describe the event/topic and analyze it using knowledge you have gained from the course. Share a link for your source and discuss the connection to the course materials (a full citation is not required).

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