Industry Publications

Question 1

Two issues that are currently debated are:

(a) Does a measurement basis need to be free from all errors so that it is perfectly accurate in all aspects? What if this condition is not satisfied (e.g., estimation uncertainty)?

(b) Would a single measurement basis for all assets and liabilities provide the most relevant information for users of financial statements (e.g., full fair value accounting)? Alternatively, should standard setters reduce the number of different measurements used to the smallest number necessary so as to provide relevant information to financial statement readers?Do you agree with the above statements? Why or why not?

Please provide the relevant arguments and reasoning as to why the above statements would be (i) true or (ii) not true. You may draw your inferences from prior research or writings in academic or industry publications. However, please include the proper citations and references in your bibliography.

Question 2

Reuters announced that the European Private Equity, Permira, had agreed to buy investment manager, Tilney, from Deutsche Bank.

You are required to research the above deal from its initial inception to completion. You should pay particular attention to the following:
(i) Synergies and expected gains from the acquisition;
(ii) The potential motives of, and the investment strategy of, the providers of private equity,
Permira, in this acquisition.

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