Individual Deliverables

To ensure that your system is of high quality and delivered on time with no defects, a quality-assurance plan will be created. To help prepare you to complete this plan, you will discuss quality-assurance activities.

In 400–600 words, compare and contrast at least 4 quality-assurance activities that you can incorporate into your project plan to reduce the number of defects.

As a group, discuss activities that should be included in a quality assurance plan. This will be the first week in which you will report the status of project development in your quality management report. A section of this report should include the results of the quality assurance activities that were executed this week.

Discuss the progress of your assigned tasks from the WBS, and offer assistance where possible.

Individual Deliverables

Section 7: Quality Assurance Plan

You will complete the quality assurance plan section of your project plan and begin the implementation process of your project. Your plan should address the following:

  • Include a description of the type of quality planning you will use for this project for each phase of development. Associate each part of the quality assurance plan with the corresponding phase of the chosen system development methodology.

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