Implementation of Policy

Question 1

For the purpose of this assignment, you are to play the role of Major Louis Warren, the Incident Commander and principal planner of security for the DRNC. You are to consider the factors that led to successful innovations at MDPD in the past, as well as factors that blocked other innovations. As the principal planner for the DRNC, what actions would you take to encourage new ideas from the front line officers in the Department that could further improve crowd control tactics? What steps would you take to overcome barriers to new ideas?

In a narrative essay not to exceed 1,500 words, explain how you arrived at your conclusions. Your report is important because it will form the basis for planning the DRNC and the implementation of policy.

Question 2

Given musical repertoire or genre and prepare a Research Paper. How does the repertoire you’ve chosen relate to issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, or other definers of identity? Bear in mind that while lyrics and performance are important, you must address musical issues as well. Cite 3-4 scholarly articles using MLA style formatting as your resources for the background paper.

Provide a list of song used to reference paper and that can be provided to submit in a presentation that I will need to competed to follow along with this paper.

Question 3

Are specialized drug courts used in your jurisdiction? What is the effectiveness? What are some direct/ indirect consequences.


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