Ideological Values

Part 1- students will find a current event related to topics in Texas Government the state’s constitution(s), state and or local government, and/or politics.

Whats a summary analysis, you say? The granddaddy of all political science, Harold Lasswell, is known for defining Politics. , Ideological values, beliefs, and opinions, aside, when it comes to government and politics, his definition of the word (ironically) is probably the only thing that all mankind can agree on. Lasswell, defines politics, as “who, gets what, where, when, and how”. Apply that definition to the article’s information, or the article’s information to that definition, and write a 10 sentence summary that focuses on critically evaluating what is going on, from your personal perspective. Interject your opinion. You should be making a statement, argument, and your opinion about the subject matter, should be known. However, this needs to be done in a scholarly and academic manner. Focus on explanation, reason and rationalization, to provide a clear opinion statement and discussion of their personal perspective and political position towards the event or issue in their article. In addition, to receive full credit, students MUST include a direct link to the original article’s text that they are using to complete this assignment.

Part 2- students will review summary analyses submissions, made in part 1, and offer a rebuttal to a classmate’s current event analysis, which opposes their own. MOST IMPORTANTLY, BE CONSTRUCTIVE in your critiques; and RATIONAL in your explanation of your perspective. Rebuttals must be 5-10 sentences in length.

Both parts are to be submitted to this discussion bored. Reply directly to the original post of your peer, when completing part 2. .

Question 2

  1. As a project manager, you will oversee a commercial from commencement to completion; explain how you manage time to complete the job on time. (30 marks)
  2. As a member of project management team, you are required to use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to motivate your team member. Using examples to explain your answer. (30 marks)
  3. You are required to explain the important of working in group in your work place. (20 marks)
  4. Define the principles of performance management and explain with examples how it will benefit you. (20 marks)

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