Human Traits

Question 1

Discuss your results: Do you see a pattern that would corroborate that all these human traits are inherited in a Mendelian manner?

If yes, how can you demonstrate that those phenotypes are inherited in a Mendelian manner?

If not, what is your general conclusion about inheritance of traits in humans?

Question 2

In a one page essay, reflect upon how to see questions about nature through the lens of science. Consider specifically the genetic code: what it is, what it does, how it is inherited, and how our characteristics are shaped by our genetic codes (some strictly; others with lots of flexibly). Discuss how this knowledge about the genetic code influences a persons sense of themselves, and a sense of their role in society.

Question 3

In a species of rodent, straight hair is dominant to curly hair, and dark eyes are dominant to red eyes in normal mendelian fashion. These characteristics are not linked. A breeder of fancy rodents, has been given a gift of a female rodent from a cross between a pure breeding, curly-haired red-eyed male rodent, and pure breeding, straight-haired dark-eyed female rodent. This gifted female rodent was then allowed to cross with a pure breeding straight-haired dark-eyed male rodent.

Clearly show and explain the genetics through the generations of rodents outlined above including the potential F2 generation.


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