Human Resource Management

Prepare one page paper per topic

1. Assume you are the chief administrator of a government or a non-profit agency preparing to recruit and select a human resources director. Identify and justify the characteristics you would seek in the new director. Identify and justify the characteristics that would because you concern if you observed them in some of your candidates.
2. Discuss how the statement “Diversity is our greatest gift, but it is also our greatest challenge” applies to Human Resources Management. Feel free to use examples.
3. Explain the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution employee pension programs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each program from the employer and employee perspectives?

Berman, E.; Bowman, J.; West, J. and Van Wart, M. (2016). Human Resource
Management in Public Service. 5th Edition, Los Angeles: Sage. ISBN: 978‐1‐4833‐

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