History Research Paper

  1. Sugar production in the Americas
  2. The Protestant Reformation
  3. The Columbian Exchange in its ramification
  4. The success and failures of Jamestown
  5. The Head Right System and its relevance to the New World
  6. The Impact of Tobacco in Virginia
  7. Bacon’s Rebellion
  8. Puritanism in New England
  9. The passage from Servitude to Slavery
  10. The Salem Witch Trials
  11. Anne Hutchinson and the criticism of the puritan ministry
  12. The Pequot War
  13. Slavery in the Caribbean and the Carolinas
  14. The Quakers
  15. The Glorious Revolution and its impact on Colonial America
  16. The Dominion of New England
  17. Mercantilism and England’s Navigation Acts
  18. The Middle Passage
  19. The Stono Rebellion and its significance
  20. The Great Awakening
  21. The Sugar Act of 1764
  22. The Stamp Act Crisis
  23. The lasting effect of the Townshend Duties
  24. The Committees of Correspondence
  25. The impact of the Boston Massacre
  26. The Intolerable Acts
  27. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and its effect on American Ideology
  28. The Declaration of Independence
  29. Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation
  30. The Lost Colony of Roanoke
  31. The Impact of the French and Indian War on colonial ideas of freedom
  32. Loyalists vs. Patriots
  33. The Battle of Saratoga
  34. The Battle of Yorktown
  35. The Treaty of Paris
  36. Women’s role in the American Revolution
  37. The Constitution
  38. The Bill of Rights and its creation
  39. The significance of the Whiskey Rebellion
  40. The Alien and Sedition Acts
  41. The Fugitive Slave Laws
  42. Marbury V. Madison
  43. Jefferson’s internal conflict over the Louisiana Purchase
  44. Impressment of Seamen
  45. The ascendance of Andrew Jackson
  46. The Era of Good Feelings
  47. The Missouri Compromise
  48. The Trail of Tears
  49. The Spoils System
  50. The lasting impact of the Nullification Crisis
  51. Horace Man and Public School Reform
  52. The McCormick Reaper
  53. The New York Stock Exchange
  54. Frederick Douglas
  55. Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
  56. The Alamo and its linkage to the Texas Revolution
  57. The Impact of the Telegraph
  58. The Wilmot Proviso
  59. The Compromise of 1850
  60. The Know Nothings
  61. The beating of Charles Sumner and its lasting impact
  62. The significance of Dred Scott v. Sandford
  63. The advantages and disadvantages of the Union and the Confederacy
  64. The assault on Fort Sumter
  65. The Anaconda plan
  66. The Battle of Antietam
  67. The Emancipation Proclamation
  68. Blacks in the Union Army
  69. The Battle of Gettysburg
  70. The New York Draft Riots
  71. Cotton Diplomacy
  72. William Sherman’s march through the South
  73. Abraham Lincoln
  74. The LeCompton Constituition
  75. The Wilmot Proviso

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