1. Was the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) a radical approach toward the advancement of women’s political rights in the early 1920s or an idea that reflected the attitudes of women of the interwar years? What changes did women embrace to liberate themselves and were these changes justified? How can we compare the generation of the Second Industrial Revolution to the generations of the 1920s in matters of political involvement? Finally, what change did religion experience in the mid-1920s and how was this change challenged legally?

2. Briefly discuss the causes that led to the Great Depression. What was President Hoover’s initial response, was it valid, and why? What did Hoover and FDR share in common with their approach to government’s role in economic recovery and how did they differ (discuss this)? In your opinion was the New Deal successful and why? Finally, discuss the opposition to the New Deal and FDR. Were the ideas of the critics valid and why?

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