Heat Application

Question 1

Heat treatment is the act of altering the properties of a substance through the application of heat. The increase in temperatures causes the change of physical properties and at sometimes the chemical properties depending on the degree of temperature change (Wojes, 2017). It is important to note that heat treatment involves both reduction and increase of temperatures. The end results of heat treatment include hardening and softening of the experimental material. Metallic elements consist of micro structures called grains or crystal lites for crystalline components (Leslie, 1972). The mechanical behavior of the grains depends on its nature such as the size and composition of the material. Heat treatment is majorly involved in the determination of the mechanical characteristic. This is because, as it controls the rate of diffusion and the rate of cooling, the materials micro structure is affected. Johnson Heat treatment, as used in manufacturing shops, is a way to educate students on the application of heat treatment and its applications. The heat treatment method is used for several purposes such as tempering, cooling, and quenching. The processes mentioned above affect the hardness (Lee, Katherine Bakeev, & Christos Malliakas, 2005).

Question 2

In 100 words or more reply to the statement below about direct materials standard.

Raw materials that are traceable to manufactured product is direct materials. For example, the amount of bananas it takes to make banana bread would be direct materials. One would analyze how many direct materials go into a product and determine the cost of every single unit. In most products there is more than one direct material and to get accurate cost one must separate the standard prices of each direct material. For example, Pizza Hut may pay $10 for a pound of cheese. There would also be extra charges for freight and receiving and handling. It could potentially cost $0.30 for S&H and $0.10 per pound on freight. The direct materials standard price would be $10.40.

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