IVF Procedures

Mary and John, both in their early thirties went through various IVF procedures and are very pleased to know that they are now pregnant of their first child. As a routine procedure the Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) was acquired. The NIPT is nowadays a routine test testing for genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. The outcome of the test came back as ‘Positive’. The literature showed that sensitivity and specificity of this test is around 95%. It’s is also shown in the literature that Doctors (70%) have serious difficulties interpreting the NIPT. After the referendum in 2017 abortion legislation in Ireland is now established. A paper was made available to you in Blackboard discussing the importance to use visuals to explain the correct test statistics to parents. Please elaborate about your understanding of sensitivity and specificity and what correct test outcome needs to be discussed with future parents if a ‘positive NIPT result’ is shown. What are the risks related to NOT be aware of the correct interpretation of test results and what are the potential risks for parents, baby and doctors? Please be as precise as possible and don’t use more than 350 words to elaborate on the issue. (standard setting for the marking will be available in Qpercom Observe(former OMIS)). Feedback will be made available through Qpercom Observe! Add your search strategy (copy and paste) and add at least three related references NOT being the papers addressed during the lectures or workshop!

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