Health Issues Campaigns

Project Instruction

Project Task 2(10 pts.): 

Evaluate current technology, mobile apps, and media campaigns meant to address the health issue investigated in Project Task 1. Investigate and review current technological devices, mobile applications, or campaigns that are solutions to the issue. When searching for content and examples, consider this information: what is in use locally, regionally, nationally, and globally? What are the limitations? Are current solutions available only to a limited population due to cost or other factors? Select one(A or B or C)of the following options below and write a summary for each

:A.2 media campaigns and 2 mobile apps

B.2 mobile apps and 2 health technologies

C.2 health technologies and 2 health campaigns

For example, if you select option A., you will need to identify 2 media campaigns and 2 mobile apps related to your health issue and explain each one of them. So you will have a total of 4 items to explain.

NOTE: Do not include an example of a health program or workshop.

Your summary should include this information for each example:1)Overview and description of the example (media campaign, mobile app, or health technology). 2)Discuss the (1) Current methods used, features, and their limitations, and/or(2) Current methods for diagnosis or recognition of the issue and their limitations, and/or(3) Current solutions and their limitations.

Be thorough and clear. The reader should be able to understand the examples and easily explain how they work, who they reach, and what they do.

Write a minimum two-page, double spaced, 12-point font, a summary of your investigation; Be sure to include references and citations in APA format.

Example: A mobile application (Name of app)is designed for physicians;it offers pictures of pills, drug interactions, and generic alternatives. There are also a couple apps more designed for the patient that allows patients to search various ways to identify their pill, however, reviews suggest the drugs listed is not a comprehensive list.

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