Health History And Comprehensive Physical Assessment

As a nurse leader, you have been tasked with assisting in updating the internal social media page for your facility. As part of the “Health History and Comprehensive Physical Assessment” series that you are working on, you need to create 4 separate posts dealing with varying topics surrounding histories and assessments. Each post needs to be 280 words or less, so clear and succinct writing is key. The posts should be designed to educate, inspire, and motivate.

Post 1: Explain how comprehensively collecting health history information helps to identify potential health risks for the patient.
Post 2: In your own words, explain the difference between public health and population health. Explain the relationship between population health and cultural sensitivity.
Post 3: Consider the cultures that are represented in your area or in the area where you intend to work. Select one culture to focus on and explain at least two ways that you can ensure that you are culturally sensitive when performing a health history and physical assessment.
Post 4: Explain the role of genetics/genomics in performing a comprehensive health history and physical assessment.
Submit the posts together in the Assessment Template.

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