Health Education Critique 

Purpose: the purpose of this assignment is to analyze existing patient/consumer education materials and health risk messages for cultural and linguistic competency. 

Process: For your selected population and health issue, find one sample of existing health education product. Critique the health risk/ health promotion message and delivery approach (e.g. Public Service Announcement [PSA] video/commercial, educational video, billboard, brochure, flyer, poster, pamphlet, booklet, Facebook page, etc.).   

For the sample you’ve selected, provide the title and thoughtful and thoroughly assess the following questions: 

Product Title  

  1. What is the concern being addressed in this health risk message? 
  2. Who is the intended audience (target population)? Be as specific as possible. 
  3. Who is the message source? How credible do you believe this source is to the target audience? (explain). [What this is asking is how the target population is likely to feel or respond to the message based on their own resources, beliefs and values?  For example, does the target audience ‘trust’ the government, so if the message is from a government organization is it going to be viewed with mistrust or skepticism? If your target audience is teenagers, will they believe or ‘connect’ with the message just because someone in authority says they should do something or avoid a certain behavior?
  4. How valid and reliable is this resource? (Review Table 9.1 in your NURS 561 Informatics textbook) 
  5. What is the recommended response or action? Please explain. 
  6. What is the threat or negative consequence they are trying to prevent? 
  7. What is the medium (method) through which the message is delivered? 
  8. Do you believe this medium is appropriate or preferred and accessible to the target audience? (Explain why). 
  9. Is the health risk message culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target population? Explain your answer. How did you assess literacy (Explain how you evaluated it for readability and literacy – which tool(s) did you use? What were the results?) 
  10. What are at least 2 changes you would recommend to make it more culturally and linguistically appropriate? (Provide rationale) 
  11. Overall, how effective do you think this campaign is? Explain your answer. 

Your completed assignment will address 3 required elements: 

The first section will provide an introduction as to what health issue and target population you are reviewing pertaining to a health risk/health promotion messages. Make sure to reference the source of your health education campaign in APA format. Section 2 will be answering questions 1-11 above for the health education campaign. The last section will be a one-paragraph reflection on what you learned from this activity that will help you in designing your health promotion campaign in module 4. Submit via the Drop Box on BB. 

Grading Criteria

Content                                       30% 

Critical Thinking                         50% 

Scholarly Writing                          20% 

Grading Rubric for Health Education Critique 

  Component “A”  100-92  “B”  91-82 “C”  81-75  “D/F”  <75 
Content  (30%)  All required elements included and thoroughly addressed.   One required element is not addressed or is addressed only superficially. Two or three required elements are not addressed or are addressed only superficially.   More than three required elements are not addressed or are addressed only superficially.    
Critical  Thinking  (50%) Important points are well developed. Conclusions are consistently logical and supported by data. Discussion is consistently linked to course content and themes. Some important points are not well developed.   Most conclusions are logical and supported by data. Misses some opportunities to link ideas to course content and themes. Several important points are not well developed.  Several conclusions are not logical or supported by data. Misses most opportunities to link ideas to course content and themes.  Most important points are not well developed. Most important points are not sufficiently supported by quality data. Generally fails to link ideas to course content and themes.   
Scholarly Writing  (20%) Logical sequence of ideas; effective order. Coherent, with a sense of completeness in thoughts. Free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Appropriate word choice and spelling. Appropriate application of APA format. Credible and varied scholarly references.   Professional appearance to paper. Logical sequence of ideas, although order could be more effective.  Coherent, with only minor flaws in completeness of thoughts. Few, if any, errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Simple but acceptable word choice and usage. Occasional errors in APA format. Insufficient or inappropriate referencing.  Generally professional appearance to paper. Flaws in sequence of ideas. Order of ideas lacking in effectiveness.  Generally coherent, but lacking completeness of thoughts.  Distracting errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Some mistakes in word choice and usage.  Multiple errors in application of APA format. Insufficient or inappropriate referencing. Paper is lacking in professional appearance. Order of ideas is haphazard and ineffective.   Generally lacking in coherence and completeness of thoughts.  Serious and frequent errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.   Frequent errors in work choice and usage.  APA format generally not applied.  Insufficient or inappropriate referencing.  Paper is careless in appearance. 

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