Health and Enviroment


Week 5 Assignment 2: Sustainable WWW Blog 5

Every week, you must present a website you have found that discusses issues related to that week’s learning. You must present an annotated bibliography of the website as well as explain why you feel that website was a prime example. (You are permitted to use some of the websites presented in the lectures, but are also encouraged to seek additional websites).

Remember to save and document your favorite 6 -7 websites from each week for inclusion in your OWN Eco Toolkits. If you keep up on filling up that Eco-Toolkit as you progress through the term, Week 7 will be easy. If you don’t……

Note: While these are posted in the discussion area, these will not be treated as discussions. You are more than welcome to reply to classmates if you enjoy their blog and I encourage you to “like” the articles you most enjoy, but you will only be graded on your Blog entry here.

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