Hagar and The Angel

Research each topic and write a research paper (find at least two sources)

1) DESCRIPTION: Write a topic sentence stating the title of the artwork. Then tell me what you see. If there are human figures what are they doing? How are they posed? What are they wearing? What are the expressions on their faces? Tell me about the non human figures. Include relative sizes, positions and colors used as you describe each figure.

2)THE ARTIST or THE CULTURE: Tell me about the artist who created this artwork. Where did he or she live? Where did he study? What themes are common in his work? If the artist is not named, tell me about the people in the time and place it was created. What were the people like? Where did they live and how did they live?  Who were the rulers and what building was done during the time when the artwork was made?

3) THE STYLE: Every artwork has a general classification or type. For example, works like Works like Hagar and the Angel are Baroque style because they have elements popular in the 17thcentury. Discover the style of the artwork you have chosen. Tell me what the basic elements of the style are, and how the work of art embodies those elements. Give specific examples, and show how the artist was a proponent of that style.

4)THE SUBJECT: What mythological story does the artwork tell? Who are the

characters in it, and what are they doing?  Find original sources for the myth or story, and explain their importance to the culture that created them. Always

include quotes from related literature to support your narrative.

5) THEME: What is the main idea the artwork brings to mind?Tell me why the theme is important to human life. Explain how the theme is present in your own life.


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