Growth and Innovation

Question 1

Change is part of our lives. Change is viewed as positive and negative. It is accompanied with excitement and confidence, opportunity, progress, growth, innovation, fear, anxiety, upheaval, threat, and unpredictability. People react to change differently. Change brings with it natural conflict.

briefly answer the following questions.

  • List and explain the three approaches to change.
  • Explain the dynamics of change as you see it.

Then, analyze the following statement: “Conflict is nature’s prime motivator for change.” Support your answer with specific examples from the Mobile in Black & White video

Question 2

From current events within the past 2–3 years, select a conflict and analyze. (By explanation, you can search for online photos of altercations between individuals or groups; for example, some Native Americans are urging the boycott of FedEx until the company stops delivering to the Washington Redskins football team.)

  • Name the conflict situation of cultural differences.
  • Describe any known variables that may have contributed to the conflict.
  • What, if any, attempts have been made to resolve the conflict? How would you resolve it?
  • Post a link, media piece, or photo of the conflict. Be sure to correctly cite the source.

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