Group Therapy

Question 1

You are working in a community mental health center with a high number of clients with substance abuse disorders. The director is going to a conference and would like you to put together information describing the group therapy that is available at the center, including information and support from resources acknowledged as credible in the industry to support the type of groups you support.

Your director asks you to do the following:

  • Explain 2-3 methods that are effective for group therapy in the community mental health center.
  • Research 2-3 theories that support your selected methods.
  • Include at least 3 reasons why this type of therapy benefits the clients.
  • >> : 3 reasons per method (each method include the 3 reasons)
  • Include an overview of the skills the clients learn in order to help them decrease their incidence of self-harm.
  • Cite your sources using APA style and include a reference slide at the end.

Question 2

1 page

APA style

2 questions Theories of learning styles and emotional and multiple intelligence have broken many conventional views of how schools and classrooms should be organized. New brain research further expands our understanding of different (and similar) ways students learn. This chapter also explores different ways that students with special needs learn, from those with learning disabilities to those with gifts and talents. This is an exciting time as teachers broaden their concepts of how children learn, and the different strategies they can use to reach all students Book Teachers, Schools, and Society 10th ed Author Sadker, D.M.., Sadker, M.P., Zittleman, K.R. (McGraw-Hill). Examine the goodness of fit between your own personal qualities and the demands of teaching Teach 3rd edition author Koch,

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