Group Health Research Project – Public Health Service

Part II: Group Health Research Project – Public Health Service Announcement

Scenario: You are a member of the PGCC Health Club. Your group assignment is to create a disease prevention Public Service Announcement (PSA) idea that will be aired  on PGCC TV.  Your target group is your college student population.

In two minutes, you will need to effectively bring awareness of the importance of healthy eating and exercise in order to prevent chronic diseases.
Your PSA should be about your group’s chosen health topic.
Please answer the questions below.
1. What will be the title of your PSA? Be creative (10 Points).
2. What will be the three main educational awareness goals for this PSA (30 Points)?
3.  Create a slogan for your PSA ad. Be Creative (10 Points).
Putting It all together
PSA Message Summary (50 Points) Summarize your PSA message.
1. What is the name of your PSA?
3. What issue are you addressing?
4. Why is this issue important?
5. What can people do to prevent or address this health issue?
6.What resources available to PGCC college students?
7. Include how you will use your slogan in your PSA summary.
8. Please create a PowerPoint presentation for this assignment
9. You will be required to have 5- 10 slides in your presentation.

Success Tips
· Be Creative: Make your presentation colorful and include pictures.
· Avoid typing too many words on one slide.
· Utilize bullet points to organize the information in your slides.
· Make sure that your presentation is concise and well organized.
· Avoid Plagiarism: Cite all information that you get from different sources
(online, articles, books etc.).
· Reference Page: Include a reference page if you use information from
information from different sources (online, articles, books etc.).

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